Dr. Jillian Kinzie
Keynote Speaker

Associate Director, Center for Postsecondary Research and NSSE Institute, IU Bloomington School of Education

High-Impact Practices to Promote Student Learning and Success: Considerations for Effectiveness, Quality, and Equity

High-impact practices (HIPs), such as learning communities, undergraduate research and service learning, demonstrably enhance student engagement and success. IUPUI’s RISE program exemplifies an institutional approach to ensuring access to HIPs. Yet, while research shows participation in HIPs benefits all students, especially those from historically underrepresented groups, not all students participate. Even more, HIPs can vary in quality and may lack the curricular integration that facilitates a collective impact on student learning and success. This session will highlight what makes HIPs effective and feature strategies for ensuring more students can take part. We will also discuss how to ensure quality by considering the six common elements across the practices that—when employed—make the practices high impact.

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Rob Elliott
Plenary Speaker

Lecturer in Computer and Information Technology, School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI

Every Classroom is a Laboratory 

Too often our classes fall into rote patterns of dissemination and response between faculty and students. Occasional pedagogical novelties may be introduced, but innovation often becomes stunted due to bureaucracy and, frankly, habit. This talk will encourage participants to transform their classrooms into centers of inquiry, exploration, and experimentation where students can build personal investment into their learning. By providing a safe space for students to learn by trial-and-error, faculty can lead students to see the “big picture” and make connections that will reinforce the course and curriculum as a whole.