Speakers for the 2015 Symposium

Keynote by Dr. Daniel Bernstein

Professor of Cognitive Psychology, University of Kansas

Building on What Students Know: Preparing a Path to Engaged Learning

Dr. Daniel Bernstein Dr. Daniel Bernstein

When learning goals evolve beyond remembering, presentation-based instruction does not produce deep understanding, but active learning succeeds when students prepare by considering the issues involved. Learning management systems allow students to reflect on the connections between course readings and their own experience.

As a psychology professor at the University of Nebraska, Dan Bernstein faced challenges in helping students reach a deeper understanding. As part of the Carnegie Scholars program, he designed online preparation in support of active learning in face-to-face time. While directing the Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Kansas, Dan had his students engage in online, low-stakes, writing-to-learn activities that connected reading with complex problems in application and analysis. His talk will describe how students collaborated in and out of class as they advanced their level of understanding.

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Dr. Debora Herold Dr. Debora Herold

Plenary by Dr. Debora Herold

Senior Lecturer, Psychology, IUPUI School of Science

Winner of Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching at IUPUI

Teaching Them How to Learn

What activities lead to the best learning? What can we do as teachers to encourage these behaviors in our students both inside and outside the classroom? Research in cognitive psychology has taught us a great deal about how memory works, including how to improve retention of information and how to avoid memory failures. In this presentation you will learn how to apply this research to the way you approach your class sessions and how to encourage students to study efficiently and effectively.

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