2020 E.C. Moore

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E.C. Moore Invited Speakers

Keynote speaker: Jane Fernandes

Of White and Hearing Privilege

As an outsider in both the hearing and the deaf world, Jane K. Fernandes demonstrates how White and Hearing privilege collide in her personal and professional experience.  She teaches hearing people about hearing privilege, and she challenges the deaf community to see and be responsible for the racism and White privilege that does not stop existing just because other oppressions affect them. She demonstrates the dangerous ramifications of having a single lens on oppression and the difficult importance of honoring and challenging all oppression systems simultaneously.

Plenary Speaker: Lingma Lu Acheson

Global Learning in Classrooms: Ideas and Techniques

Diversity/Global Learning as one of the eleven High-Impact Educational Practices. Many institutions strive to prepare students to enter the workforce with soft skills including culture awareness and inter-cultural communication skills. This presentation introduces ideas and techniques in incorporating global learning into other types of classes, and how normal classroom materials can be utilized as topics and teaching moments to promote global or inter-cultural learning. Examples will be shared of how strong global perspectives can be augmented by another high impact practice named Service Learning/Community Based Learning, and the methods embraced through the process to prepare students becoming competent, compassionate and agile global citizens.